Venser Shaper Savant, Porphyry Nodes, Reflecting Pool, Zendikar surging and Nykthos?

So some big explosions in Modern this past week.  Most notable, Venser, Shaper Savant skyrocketed from $7 to $25 seemingly overnight.  By the time I noticed it, (2/23) I couldn't find any copies available under $18.00 (tcgplayer).

Porphyry Nodes went from down around $1.00 or less to seemingly $7.00 apiece right now.  I grabbed 4x from ToyWiz the day after the day was in for $0.99 apiece.

Reflecting Pool is starting to worry me (only becuase I havn't bought-in yet).  These were blue chips around $20-$25 back when Shadowmoor was in Standard, and they have been waiting to resurge since.  I think it has clearly begun.  These are the rollers at the base of the tidal wave that will probably take this card back to $20 apiece within a few months' time, maybe in a couple separate jumps as deep inventory resurfaces in clumps and gets gobbled up in coincidence.

The Zendikar block has been performing very well for that past several years, but Zendikar itself seems to be really surging in the last few weeks.  Fetch lands continue to... fetch $50 apiece and climbing and there is no looking back (even after Zendikar rotates out of Modern... I mean, consider the original Fetch lands, legal only in Vintage, etc).

I am not in the position to plunk down $50 for a very dependable 20%+ apr until reprinting when I could hold back my capital for skyrocketing singles, like some from the very same set.   Bloodghast, for example (I grabbed 4 of these from ToyWiz for $5.99 apiece around 2/20):


Pyromancer's Ascension (I got 4 from toywiz for $2.99 apiece around 2/20):


Oracle of Mul Daya (I need some!):


Blade of the Bloodchief (need some more):

Nissa Revane (these are bound to pop soon, these'll be $20 within a year)




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