Visions of Beyond!

Visions of Beyond got everybody wet when it showed up in M12, but it never saw a breakout in price (until now).  It has not significantly decreased in price since it was printed in 2011, and it is seriously climbing now, looking like a spike is inevitable.  See the quite smooth concave-up shape of the median price.  This is not a speculation bubble.

Non-foils will spike to $10 within a few months, then fall to $6-8 within 8-12 months, so get any Visions of Beyond that you can find for under $3.00.  

Foils will spike to $20-$30 within 6 months (foils are poised to EXPLODE - this is an old soul of a card, and Legacy/Vintage players have both deep pockets and a predilection for FOIL), and then settle around $18-20 thereafter, before starting to climb again.  5 years down the line, $40 for a FOIL seems possible.  This card is ageless.

The most exciting part of this card its Legacy play-ability; in the right deck, it's almost an Ancestral Recall (which is not legal in Legacy).  This will see casual demand forever, and it's really quite competitive in the right deck.  Mill decks have also never seen much competitive success.  However, that deck type contininues to be handed upgraded roll-players all the time, so one day someone might take down a Modern or Legacy tournament with a mill deck.  At that point, all bets are off on price ceilings for Mill cards (they maintain high prices now, with essentially NO competitive demand).  This is a shoe-in in a mill deck.

Buy FOILs for $8.00 and under, target a sale somewhere near $20.00 or better in 6-12 months, or just sit on these forever.  Trade for non-FOILs.

Yeah, a reprint is possible, but I don't think it would be until after a price spike (that gets Wizards' attention).

Visions of Beyond is a sure-fire speculation target.  I plan to go pretty deep on FOILs, and to scoop up an non-FOILs I can find for under $3.00.



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