Wild Slash!

I expect this card to behave a bit like Forked Bolt. 

Any brand new shoe-in for Red Deck Wins with a single recent printing is always shoe-in for FOIL speculation.

This is a huge bonus with the ferocious trigger.  It took shock and made it Vintage-playable.

Get FOILS now around $5-$6 and hold for 2+ years. I see these up near $20 after two growth stages taking something on the order of two years.

Non-foils are likely a good pick-up under $2.00 each right now, but I would focus on a the far more eternal version of this likely eternal card. There will be no post-rotation lull for FOILs of Wild Slash, though non-foils might dip back to just above $1.00 before beginning a long-term ascent (until their first reprint).




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