Woodfall Primus!

Woodfall Primus saw its first and only reprint as a rare in Modern Masters 2013.  This razed its price, down to about $3 a pop, after climbing past $10 a few months before.  

After 3 long years, it seems that Woodfall Primus has removed all slack and is starting to ascend in price yet again.  No card with a comparable effect has been printed in meantime: this is still a Modern staple and will remain so for year to come.

I think we're looking a $10.00 apiece in a month or two for non-foils.  They are the better short-mid-term bet.

Foils are currently bottoming-out around $10.00.  These will be $25.00 or more within a few months (likely popping after the non-foils).  They are the better long-term bet.



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