Zo-Zu, the Punisher!

Zo-Zu, the Punisher is not flashy. It has taken 11 years for Zo-Zu to finally matter from a financial perspective. I think that light demand, compounded over that time, caused existing copies to sift down into permanent homes in casual decks and sideboards, and supply has finally been stripped. More importantly, I think he is being experimented with in Commander and Tiny Leaders.  Notice the time period when his foil spiked to $40 (gold line in bottom graph). This is the same time period where a lot of Tiny Leaders buyouts occurred. 

Early Modern cards have the potential to jet upwards out of nowhere (Necrogen Mists, for example). I think we could see a spike on Zo-Zu within a few months, IF, and ONLY IF, he dodges Commander 2015 reprint, which actually seems rather unlikely to me (that is, I think a reprint is too great a likelihood this year to go deep on non-foils).  This threat of Commander reprint, combined with the upwards price trend (entering what seems to be a second bubble, which usually is accompanied by a change in slope of the baseline price) and Zo-Zu's ability to be a Commander himself, suggests that FOILS are the best route.  The foil:nonfoil ratio for single-print foils that can also be Commanders can be staggerring (sometimes 10:1 or 15:1).

Buy foils around $10.00 and wait for it...  Or grab non-foils at reasonable prices if you think it'll dodge a reprint.  If there is no reprint, expect these guys around $4.00 by Spring 2016.



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