Jumpin' Wizards!


Sometimes certain classes of cards will show across-the-board interest.  This was the case with Dragons leading up to the release of Dragons of Tarkir, and was the case with Cycling cards upon the release/spoiling of Amonkhet cycling - there are dozens of examples of this in recent years.  Sometimes the public statements and spoilers from WotC make people go searching for the cards to buy up. Lately, it's seemed to have inverted: you can predict what the metagame thinks is about to drop from price movements.

It's with this strategy in mind that I suggest that the Wizards clan is surging, and here is some evidence:

Jumpin' Wizards:

Vedalken Aethermage has flash, has a CMC of 2, and can tutor you any Wizard for 3. This makes it crazy strong in Commander, where tutors are a premium (100 different cards...). I went deep on foils at $2. If you can find these in Foil at $3 or under, go for it. They're jumping to a likely $12 apiece within the next 6 months, and they're definitely going to stick above $5.  You can be sure it's not the Sliver hate pushing this price up... the cycling got peoples' attention, but it's gotta be the Wizards themselves. 


Voidmage Prodigy. C'mon, this is obvious if the tribe in on the upswing. Foils are going from $4 to $15+ within the next 6 months. Non-Foils are jumping from $1 to $3 in that timeframe.


Aphetto Alchemist is a combo powerhouse.  Consider: Aphetto Alchemist targetting itself with a Mesmeric Orb in play (this works, right?)... definitely untapping Commanders, too...  Non-Foils are already almost $2 each, I don't think $5 apiece is unreasonable.  Foils are mostly popped already, but they're going to stick around $12 (in case you find some at your LGS for less).

Baral, Chief of Compliance is my best guess for the recent interest in Wizards.  Don't miss the boat on this guy.  This card is crazy powerful and I don't think these will see a whole lot of post-standard deflation.  The foils are juuiiiiicccyyy.  Your best bet right now is Non-Foils, actually, at Bulk rate.  I can see these at $6 apiece a couple years down the line, with foils at $20.

What other Wizard specs do you see out there?  Comment some, there must be more!  (after you've made your specs...)







Screw Wizards, what's going

Screw Wizards, what's going on with elves!?

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