Batwing Brume!

Batwing Brume

I speculated on these a few years ago, back when they first started upswinging slowly. They've reached quite a fury now, with huge momentum. I would expect to see these reprinted at some point soon (a year or so), in a Duel Deck perhaps, so foils are you're best bet for a medium-long hold. If you can find non-foils under $1.00, snatch them up for a short hold (the price slope is very healthy right now and if it dodges a reprint for the next few months, the non-foils will spike to perhaps 2.50 apiece and keep climbing, a lot like <Terminate> did back in June of this year (2015).   Just look at how this card simply obliterates the $1.00 price point in April of this year: no-one thought these cards would stay below $1.00 so no short-lived price-stabilization occurred then.  (This is a topic of its own, for another day).

Darkness, the other black Fog, is pushing $6.00, and Batwing Brume is often better and, except for the additional mana, it's a more flexible spell.  

A reprint will (not would) cause a significant drop in price, however, as the original printing (Shadowmoor) had a very low print run, and Batwing Brume has not yet been reprinted. I suspect price spikes are red flags to Wizards that a card needs a reprint (except, of course, for Serum Visions), so it's important to buy (ahead of the spike) only what you can unload before the inevitable reprint (the window on this is probably 1-2 years from now).  This is not as much of a concern for staples that already have multiple printings, as the effect of reprinting is nerfed over successive reprintings.

Look for a FOIL jump in the next few months and a NON-FOIL jump within a the next few weeks.

Another reason to go foil here: this card is WICKED in FOIL!  Ive got some chinese foil copies: they look like broken mirrors.


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