Red Elemental Blast's alter ego, Pyroblast, is a staple in Legacy, Commander and Vintage, and despite its age and ubiquity, it has only seen two printings (Ice Age and 5th Edition).  I like Ice Age, for the black border, older look, and obviously cooler expansion symbol. 

These aren't looking back. This is not ephemeral demand. In Vintage and Legacy, where this sees its play, a wise man once told me, "you're either playing blue or you're hosing blue". The supply for this staple, it seems, has dried up.  Red elemental blast does the same thing, yes, but that has been printed to death and you can only have 4 of them in a deck, or 1 in Commander.  A second oldschool hoser is often a must.

>These are too powerful to reprint into standard (even if it were just destroy target blue permanent for one mana!). Maybe a reprint in the forthcoming "From the Vault: Hose" (feat. Pyroblast, Choke, Flashfires, Counterbalance, etc), but even such a reprint are quite limited in number and all are treated as 'mythics', whereas the originals are commons.  There would be only a small increase in supply from such a reprint (there are NO foils available for this card yet, so such a reprint does seem enticing...)

Anyway, get a chunk while they're still 'junk'.

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