Zedruu, the Greathearted!

This original Commander is politically bonkers. A friend introduced me to political multiplayer magic, with a Questing Pheldaggrif deck. It was suprisingly effective against our play group, and seemed extremely nuanced and replayable. Introduces a whole layer of favors and alliances on top of a multiplayer magic game.

This guy would not have been a pick of mine if the data hadn't shown what you see below. You can't argue with this price trend, and I think it exceedingly unlikely that Wizards will EVER reprint this commander: it's wonky, it's specialized, it's a MINOTAUR!

Anything $2.00 or below is a great pickup. These will likely be $4-$5 each, without a chance to come back down, within a few months.  Watch out: there are foil oversized versions all over the place out there for $1-$2 --> these are NOT trending, only the tournament legal versions are trending.


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